The sustainable way of doing fashion.

Meraki Apparel is extremely concerned about the environment and aims to be in sync with it. This is what motivated us to seek solutions to build a sustainable brand in the fashion industry.

Therefore, all Meraki pieces are made with ecological fabric.

This fabric is free of substances toxic to the skin, contains UV protection +50, is produced with reused water, emits less CO2 during production, has long durability and is biodegradable, that is, when disposed correctly in landfill it will decompose in up to 3 years, different from other tissues that can take 200+ years to decompose.

Our packing consists of a bag of raw cotton (vegetable textile fiber), being 100% natural and our cardboard boxes that are sent by mail are also recycled boxes.

Our production is 100% artisanal, We like to bring novelties with lightness, in a conscious way and through a demand-based production model that aims to reduce waste and thus decrease the environmental impact.


"Development that meets the needs of the present

without compromising the ability of future generations to

satisfy their own needs"