About us

Meraki Apparel

Meraki Apparel is a national brand based in Zürich,Switzerland  and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Established in 2021 with a purpose to create stylish, high quality & eco-friendly summer wear. We're on a mission to prove that sustainability doesn't compromise 'sexy', and we want you (our ultimate muse) to look and feel your absolute best no matter where you are.


The word Meraki means dedication, creativity, passion, as when we do something with the soul and that is what we want to offer you, our best version..We think of all the details, proposing comfort and lightness so that you find here your favorite pieces for days full of light!

Made in the Brasil.

This is where the magic happens. All Meraki garments are lovingly and ethically made in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. We are proud to have an incredible team,that  is made up of 100% amazing women,who aligns with our ethos and shares our vision - A vision to make a difference in the fashion industry and make sustainability the new normal.Our production is 100% artisanal, we have opted for a business model that prioritizes fair and decent working conditions for all who participate in the company,we believe that the magic is to grow all together.